We all know, what it feels like to be intellectually tired. If you work by brain every day and you have to put a lot of effort in thinking out strategies every hour of your shift, sometimes you just have to switch off your brain and relax. Also, most of the times your body is tired too. If you ever heard about somatisation, you know what this is about. Somatisation is very common issue for people who strain their mind too much and too often. There are lots of incentives coming in your body through your brain and they have nowhere to go. Sometimes they will come out as a great thoughts and ideas, but sometimes even your brain is not able to filter them all. What do you do then?

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Maybe you have tried gym, sports or other ways how to get the tension out of you. But when there is too much accumulating, these ways may not be enough. We have a great opportunity for you then. Come to a lasergame Prague and try the team games tailored exactly to your needs. You can pick from a range of games, that will suit right up for you.


Especially if you are a competitive and a little bit possessive kind of person, we have a great game for you. We are not saying, you have to be necessarily psychopath, but you will love this. A game named bases/domination Lazerfunpraha is characteristic by taking over a bases or areas and fighting for your whole team to hold onto them for as long as possible. At the same time, you have to be careful not to be taken down by other team players, who are trying to take over your base. Longer you take over your base, more points your team gets. And the team with biggest amount of points win. This variant of game is suitable for an experienced or intermediate player. You must use your brain a little bit too anyway, as you are required to think of some strategies. But we think, this is a great way, how to ventilate the tension of your day to day jobs or problems. Ant the chance you will punch someone on the street instead is getting much lower. You should come and try! We can guarantee, you will be leaving more rested, than when you came.